Your Republican Uncle Is Right About the Climate

Scientific consensus on topics like the climate defeats the purpose of science.

DNC’s “Your Republican Uncle” website advanced an argument titled: “Climate: 97% of scientists versus your Republican Uncle.”

By 97%, they usually mean the UN scientists. Over 31,000 scientists disagreed with the UN scientists. Over 9,000 of these scientists hold doctorate degrees. These 31,000 scientists signed a petition disagreeing with the scientists that allegedly were in consensus behind the UN report.

Many argue that the scientists at the UN had a consensus about which way the climate was going. This consensus “believed” that humans were behind this warming. These are the scientists that people point to with regards to the “97%” of the scientists.

In reality, these scientists generated multiple sources for the ultimate report. The committee that actually wrote the climate report assigned each scientist a topic area to write about.

This committee consisted mainly of non-scientists. This committee had people representing governments, industry, and environmental groups. This committee generated the report that alleged the “consensus.”

There’s simply no scientific consensus on the man made global warming theory. In fact, this kind of consensus, when arguing which way the climate is trending, defeats the purpose of how science is supposed to work.

DNC’s “Your Republican Uncle” continues to argue that humans were probably behind global warming.

The Earth was a lot hotter in the past than it ever was in the 20th Century.

Prior to the last mega ice-age, the Earth was much warmer than it ever was during the 20th Century. Sea levels were also higher then than they were during the 20th Century. A look at the past 2000 years shows that it was hotter during the Roman times than it was during the modern times.

The Romans and Greeks wore robes/tunics/togas. That wasn’t a temporary style or a fad. That was them wearing something that allowed air to circulate between the clothing and their bodies. As hot as it was, this made perfect sense.

The Romans were able to grow things further north than where they could be grown today. It was simply hotter back then that it is now.

Where were our factories and cars back then? Where were our factories and cars prior to the last mega ice-age?

And get this, many of the scientists behind the “man made global warming” theory admit that there has been a “halt” or “pause” in global warming… despite also acknowledging that CO2 continues to rise. If CO2 is rising, and there has been a halt in global warming over the past few years, what caused the temperatures to rise in the first place?

Real science would reject the argument that CO2 causes temperature rise. This leads to the next argument that DNC’s “Republican Uncle” website advanced. This one is about the argument that we can’t do anything to combat rising CO2 levels.

What’s their response to this “myth”? They argued that the US recorded its lowest levels of carbon emissions in two decades.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) isn’t the same thing as Carbon Monoxide (CO), or carbon soot.

Our factories, cars, and other carbon releasing items release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, as well as nitrogen dioxide, lead and sulfur dioxide. They emit other items into the atmosphere as well.

However, carbon monoxide is also written as CO. There’s a difference between CO2, what republicans say we can’t combat, and CO, which DNC’s Republican Uncle Website uses as the rebuttal.

Carbon Dioxide is naturally occurring, and comes mainly from the oceans, volcanic activity, and other natural sources. Humans and animals exhale CO2. With the human population growing in the US, it makes sense that we’d be emitting more CO2 into the atmosphere now than before. Not less.

Here’s another historical fact, as seen in the ice core graphs recording the past 400,000 years.

Temperature rises before CO2 rises… not the other way around. It shows that CO2 continues to go up after entry into a mega ice age. It’s not till we’re well into a mega ice age that CO2 levels start going down.

The republican argument, that we can’t do anything to combat rising, or declining, CO2 levels is fact. We can’t do anything about it. These CO2 levels have gone up and down long before humans existed. They’ll continue to go up and down in our future.

Attempts to “combat” global “warming” will harm the economy; those attempts will also lead to loss of lives during future winter deep freezes.

DNC’s “Your Republican Uncle” website argues that the republicans refusal to address climate hurts both the economy and the environment.

Attempts to “fight” climate change harms proven energy producers. The aim of these attempted policies is to “make it hard” for these energy producers to contribute to CO2 emissions.

Again, they emit carbon monoxide, which isn’t the same thing as CO2.

The only thing that this accomplishes is to force many coal burning plants and businesses to close down.

Actual data shows that the average global temperatures have declined this century. The past few years have seen record colds that beat records set during the last mini ice-age. Mini ice age type winters have already hit many parts of the northern and southern hemispheres.

During the deep freeze of February/March 2012, not only did canals in Europe freeze over, but over 650 Europeans perished.

During this time many windmills became ineffective… these windmills froze and didn’t work properly.

European power grids risked buckling under the increased demand for heating. Many people were told that they could only use their heaters 12 hours in a day.

Those policies, that the republicans are fighting, would make the above happen in the US. These policies adversely impact the economy with less energy for economic growth. If we have less energy producers online during the next mini ice age style deep freeze… we risk having rolling blackouts at a time we need our heaters the most.

Violent weather activity are natural events, not results from human emission activities.

DNC’s Republican Uncle Website argues that climate related events took a toll on the economy. They attempted to tie this in with the “man made global warming theory.”

A review of our history shows that during the mini ice-age, both the English and Spanish colonies, and shipping, suffered from Atlantic hurricanes. There was even one hurricane that brought in 12 foot surges that destroyed a large number of colonial structures. These happened before industrialization.

Where were our cars and factories during the pre-industrial colonial period?

The website further argues that we should invest in alternative energy sources. Our government has already tried that. Solyndra is an example of a failed government attempt to “grow” green energy.

“Climate Change” is an attempt to hijack a natural event to cover an argument that Mother Nature has rebutted.

Most republicans don’t deny that climate change exists. They know that the climate has changed long before humans came into existence, and has changed long before humans reached industrialization.

What they disagree with; however, is the argument that the planet is “getting warmer” and that people are “behind it.”

The current absence in global warming matches similar absences of global warming before the Maundar and Daltum minimums. In these instances, the sun showed decreasing sunspot activity. These minimums were the two major installments to the last mini-ice age.

History indicates that no matter what we do, the planet will get warmer or colder. With the sun and earth behaving the way they’re behaving now, we’re in for a prolonged period of deepening cold. As was the case in the past, there’s nothing we could do to prevent that from happening.