It Is Not Enough

Many of the problems that face Believers are not because of Biblical ignorance, but a failure to act on the Word. Knowing the Word and showing the Word are two different concepts. Knowing the address of a Scripture does not exempt one from acting at that location. Whenever we fail to live in the confines of the Word, we open the door to disobedience and its consequences.

God told the Children of Israel not to fear (respect) the “gods of the Amorites.” Instead of resisting the enticements of false gods, they committed idolatry by acknowledging these fictitious gods. As a result of their disobedience, God delivered them into the hand of Midian seven years. The Israelites knew what God said, yet chose to ignore His warning. We can go to church every week and hear the Word, but unless we act on what we hear, we are vulnerable to temptations that will solicit a response from God. After years of suffering the Children of Israel cried out to God. God responded by sending a Prophet who highlighted their past blessings, as well as telling them that it was because of their disobedience that they were reaping the consequences. (Judges 6:1-10)

David testified that his afflictions were the result of disobedience that caused him to go “astray.” He concluded by saying, “… now have I kept they word.” (Psalms 119:67). We must learn that obedience is a characteristic of the Believers lifestyle. Disobedience and lack of obedience has affected Christians for generations. Churches that extend an “altar” invitation, especially for those who were having difficulties, will always find people responding. They expect a Divine intervention, even though they have been lax in obeying God’s Word. It does not work that way. The way to deliverance is to come with a penitent heart. It is acknowledging that we have failed to obey His Word. It is not seeking a “quick fix” but a forgiveness that will put us on the right road once again. Thankfully there are still churches that offer “altar calls.” The problem is that many times it is almost a “rewarding” for disobedience. God will restore a disobedient saint, but there must also be a commitment from the restored that they will follow God’s Word. Jesus set the woman free who was caught in Adultery, but she was given a warning not to make the same mistake again. (John 8:12) If Christians would only live a life of obedience there would not have to be “revivals” in our churches. But until we take our callings seriously, there will always be “church hospitals” to tend to the self-inflicted.

As an airplane rolls down the runway in its quest for elevation, there is a sign along the runway that signifies the point where the plane has no choice but to commit to full flight engagement. From that point on there is no way to abort the flight. May Believers come to the place where they are fully committed! Too many want an emotional, but non-committal Faith. Jesus gave His life to show us the way. Are we willing to give our life to follow His way?