You Can’t Fix Stupid!: 5 Concerning Examples!

If, you are, as concerned, as I am, about the apparent lack of willingness, by many Americans, to take actions, for the greater good, etc, perhaps, the so – called, bottom – line, explanation, may be, you can’t fix stupid! Whether, it’s related to public health and safety, sane gun control measures/ regulations/ rules, being willing to demand better, rather than blindly – supporting any individual (such as we have witnessed, from many, Trump supporters), selectively (instead of total) support for our Constitutional guarantees/ freedoms/ rights, and/ or, demanding better, from those, we elect, unless/ until, we begin to do better, the quality and sustainability of the future, and the planet, we deliver, to future generations, is, in – doubt! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 concerning examples, and why, we need, to pay better, and more, keen attention!

1. Pandemic/ Public health/ Vaccinations/ Masks: Most experts, as well as those, willing to proceed, using common sense, and consideration, for others, realize, we would, predominantly, be done, will most of the ill – effects of this pandemic, if more people, participated, for the common good! Why do they refuse to be vaccinated, when the public health experts, tell – us, so – called, herd immunity, and, thus, a clear – cut, course, out of this, demands this? Since, many other vaccinations, are, already, required, and, even kennels, etc, require dogs, be inoculated, doesn’t this make common sense! Some line to complain, along, political, partisan lines, but shouldn’t public health, demand better behavior and actions? Since, masks, also, are a logical approach, in the mean – time, why so much resistance?

2. Leaving Afghanistan: After 20 years, and no, clear reason, for remaining, President Trump, began the process, of removing our troops, from Afghanistan, by this past – Spring! President Trump decided to continue the process, but, delayed it, a few months, until, the end, of last month! However, several Trump supporters, have used the clumsiness, of the process, as a political weapon!

3. Blind obedience to Trump: Since, we do not, live in a monarchy (or similar), a democratic – Republic, as the United States, supposedly, is, depends on free elections, and an orderly transition of government. While, every candidate has a legal right, to ask for recounts, and, even, Court review, when, Trump lost the 2020 election, he decided to claim, the election, was stolen, and, unfortunately, many of his core supporters, used that, as an excuse, for the dangerous behavior, which occurred, on January 6th!

4. Constitutional guarantees: One of the key things, which makes America, the voice of freedom, throughout the world, is our Constitution, and the guarantees, it provides, in terms of rights, freedoms, etc! However, some only seem, to care about these, when it’s a right, they care about, and seek a selective enforcement of these! We can’t permit people, for example, to demand, some, questionable, unlimited, 2nd Amendment Rights, while, they often, seem to try to minimize, other Amendments, especially, the 1st Amendment, etc!

5. Accepting populist politics, instead of relevant, sustainable solutions: Populist politicians, who, simply, try to tell us, what they believe, many wish to hear, and run campaigns, based on appealing to fears, biases, etc, rather than serving the greater good, harm this nation, in a relevant, and sustainable manner! We must demand well – considered, solutions, which focus on relevant, and sustainable, potential solutions!

Wake up, America, because, we must let adherence to the logical aspects, and common sense, as well a s the rights granted by our Constitution, lead – us, forward, rather than blind – obedience, etc! It seems true, we cannot fix stupid, but we must continue, trying to!

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