Why/ How We Must RESTORE America?

We have reached a point, where it should, no longer, simply, be an option, but, rather, we must do, all we possibly can, to RESTORE this nation, to the one, which represents the highest level of freedoms, rights, democratic principles, etc, around – the- world! The apparent vision of America’s Founding Fathers, including an analysis of our Constitutional guarantees, provides a glorious example, for others, to follow, and believe – in! Many of us, have ancestors, who came to this country, inspired and attracted by their perceptions, of a nation, which, was, the land of the free, and the land of opportunity! Unfortunately, gradually, for several decades, and, at a much – faster pace, during the past four years, it seems, to lots of us, America has lost its way, and the promised guarantees, have been skewed, intentionally, to help certain individuals, rather than serving the greater good! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Realistic; rationale; responsive: We’ve suffered from excessive, partisan politics, where politicians, articulated a populist message, making empty promises, etc, to attract followers and supporters! Rather, we need to elect people, who have a realistic, but, responsive approach, and articulate, clearly, their rationale, an why, it might, truly, restore, America’s greatness!

2. Empathetic; enrich: We need leaders, willing, ready, and able, to effectively, listen, and learn, to understand, what citizens want, prioritize, and perceive, and address these, in a truly, empathetic manner, which emphasizes, enriching, the greater good!

3. Solutions; sustainable; stronger/ strengths; system: We only benefit, is when, quality, well – considered, sustainable solutions, are emphasized, and an office – holder, uses his personal strengths, as well as our national ones, to become stronger, and more unified! To achieve this, developing a meaningful system, should become a top priority!

4. Truth/ trust; together: It rarely benefits us, when any public official, avoids, telling the truth, and thus, fails to earn our trust! These people must strive to bring us, together, for the common good, and unifying us, rather than resorting to procrastination!

5. Options; opportunities; optimize; organized: All viable options, and alternatives, must be considered, with an open – mind, to ensure, our leaders, are capable and ready, to identify, and take advantage of the best opportunities, forward! It takes an organized effort, to optimize these efforts, for the greater good, and seek, a desirable, meeting – of – the – minds!

6.Relevant; reach out; rights/ right: We must begin electing people, who do, what’s right, and best, for the majority of our citizens! These efforts must protect all our rights, rather than, only, selective ones! Wouldn’t it make you, feel better, if an official, consistently, sought to reach out, and improve conditions, for – all?

7. Efforts; excellence: Rather than doing the expedient, and taking, a path of least resistance, and accepting, good – enough, and the same – old, same – old, citizens must focus, and elect people, whose efforts, emphasized, the utmost degree of personal excellence!

If we wish to be certain, we RESTORE, the highest ideals, of this nation, voters must choose, their leaders, more carefully! Will you insist, on better?

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