The Current State Of America: Address Solutions Versus Fantasies/ Denials?: 5 Areas Of Concern!

Many sense, the degree of polarization, and refusal to seek any type of meeting – of – the – minds, is at the most – severe point, in recent memory! Although, there has always been some partisanship in American politics, these days, there seems, to be little, to no attempt, to emphasize the greater good, and proceed, with a meaningful degree of common sense! Obviously, when issues, which will, probably, have, both, relevant, as well as sustainable impacts/ ramifications, are approached, in a politics – first manner, our nation’s security, and, the health and well – being of present and future generations, are. at – risk! We must realize, we need to elect officials, and representatives, who provide quality, relevant, well – considered, service, to – all, instead of those, who seem to be more concerned, with their own, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 significant areas, of – concern, where we must decide between, permitting public officials to avoid reality, and choose fantasy/ fake facts/ alternative reality/ truths, versus, those will address challenges, with viable, well – considered solutions.

1. 2020 Election results – The Big Lie: For, whatever reason, Donald Trump, seems to possess an amazing degree of influence, over his core supporters, who seem to pay more attention to his denials, and statements, than what they should be witnessing! The reality is, most experts state, the 2020 Presidential election, was the fairest one, in our history. The incumbent immediately claimed, his opponents, were stealing the election, and repeated that, constantly, even – today! This was not even close, to the closest Presidential election, and Trump’s margin of loss, was greater than, several other elections, including his own victory, in 2016. Mr. Trump lost the popular vote by over 7 million votes, and over 50% of those voting, selected his opponent, and the Electoral College, in a clear – cut manner! Yet, not only did he seek and receive recounts, etc, in a record – number of states, he also brought his case to the Courts, and was consistently, defeated, there, also! Personally, I am sick – and – tired, of continuing to listen, to the falsehoods, blaming, complaining, and refusal of the former President, to put the well – being of the nation, ahead of his self – interest!

2. Climate Change: Nearly, every climate scientist, and expert, states, the planet is witnessing significant Climate Change, which, if left to continue, will get far worse, and threaten future generations! When, some, for what seems to be partisan political reasons, refuses to address it, in a timely manner, and, rather, proceeds, to deny its existence, these individuals seem to be acting, at – best, recklessly!

3. Protecting the Environment: Either, we make protecting the environment, especially, regarding clean air and water, a top priority, or, we risk the health, and well – being of the planet, and the generations, which follow! When some equated this, with the costs, involved, they acted, dangerously, and in a short – sighted way!

4. Need for sane gun control regulations: Although, some claim the 2nd Amendment, provides, unlimited gun rights, most, legal – experts, state otherwise. That Amendment was created, when a gun, took close to 2 minutes, to reload, etc, so to equate this right, which was intended to permit states to protect themselves, with a militia, is rhetoric! How many more must die, before, we enact sane laws, which create, at least, the same level of protections, licensing drivers, and registering automobiles, provides?

5. Addressing systemic racism: Those, who deny, there is systemic racism, in many components of American life, refuse to face reality! Either, we attempt, in – earnest, to address this, or, risk, an ever – increasing degree of polarization, and division!

Wake up, America, and start choosing elected officials, more wisely and carefully, before it’s too late! For the sake of the present, and future, we must demand, at least, these 5 areas, are addressed, sooner, rather than later!

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