Animals Face Extinction As Human Population Leads to Destruction of Habitats

My heart jumped several beats at the stress of hearing of another threatened species due to land clearing. The Western Australia Carnaby Black Parrot or Cockatoo is declining at such a rate that it faces extinction in a few short years. In the latter case a documentary on its life and habitat showed why this is happening. Because it usually feeds on seeds of native plants it has adapted to nourishing itself on commercial crops as they are removed.

There is such an unchecked decline in the rights of native species to survive that many are immune to the torture they go through. A sickening vision of complete and utter wilful eradication was recently shown when a native forest was torn up for wood chips. It was the habitat of a certain koala and animals that were caught in the trees had their limbs and other things ripped from them by the machines dressing the felled timber.

Some of them survived and tried to flee without a leg or were so severally maimed that they suffered horrible drawn-out deaths. This treatment of an iconic symbol of Australia’s wild-life sends shivers of horror throughout anyone with a heart.

Money is so essential for some that they willingly overlook human decency and the rights of others to acquire it. Destruction of the environment is not only affecting animals, however, as the planet sinks deeper into trouble from global warming and climate change. Trees, oceans, and the life within them are essential to a healthy earth.

So why is this happening? My reincarnation alerted me to the Great Spirit of the Universe and its creation. Earth is a habitat for humans and a test for their spirituality. The general spiritual person destroys nothing and is not in a race for wealth. They have knowledge and understanding through the guide within them.

Those who are not connected will probably believe only in human power and most even deny the existence of God. They may connect to a religion to justify their presence but in their heart they seek only what man has invented. Money is usually on top of their list.

We find such people within companies and governments where they can achieve authority. They are CEO’s, managers, company executives, and those who see the world as a source of wealth. They don’t care about animals or the planet because in their native state they don’t produce the wealth they crave.

The test, therefore, is to determine who is spiritual and who is trapped by man’s greed. Who, among the 7 billion or so now alive, feel the pain of a planet in decline and stand up for preservation of species as opposed to those who have no thoughts in this regard.

Because we have reincarnated many times (Job 5:19-22) we have been tested and those with a strong spiritual link are separating out from the destroyers. They stand before the ploughs to stop them, chain themselves to fences to prevent access to forests and other places, and they protest the loudest about the injustice of what the greedy are doing.

In the Spirit’s eyes what is happening now is fulfilment of the plan set in place from the beginning and we are fast approaching the end of days. The loss of species is part of it because it warns of the end of the human race and the world as we know it.

As the human population expands and mass migration brings people of all cultures closer land clearing and other atrocities to wildlife will increase. This is the plan laid out from the beginning and no one can stop it.