The Light of Enthusiasm Is Gone As Depression Takes Over

Most will know what happens at such a time. They started something in the past that drew them along with such enthusiasm that little else mattered. Their dreams were set in stone and the driving force so strong they could not imagine anything going wrong. But then something happens and it crumbles down around them. Their dreams are suddenly gone with their lives turned into muck.

Desperation and despair follows. Without a goal they flounder in their misery. They wallow in self-pity. They grab for a thread of anything that might pull them out. No matter how hard they try, however, every string that might release them breaks. What do they do?

Millions are in this situation globally and there is little hope for change. Jobs are scarce and almost impossible to find, especially for those over 45 years of age. Industries are retracting and work-forces shrinking. Robots and artificial intelligence is replacing the human brain and hands-on requirements in manufacturing.

Even those with degrees in specialised areas are finding little relief from the decline. Some with doctorates are joining the homeless on the streets. Many are taking their lives and those who survive are frantic with stress and worry.

The world is in its death throes and none can change it. The over-population of countries and the lack of compassion of governments to wards their citizens is not helping. The financial situation on a global scale is dire and while many prefer not to tune into the news they remain in the dark.

Those who are caught in such places where war is fought or poverty too hard to survive are fleeing and exporting their problems into the richer corners of societies where they are bleeding the host nations dry. There is a general lack of enthusiasm throughout.

The problem is that God is fed up with most of humanity. The prophecies state that at this time Divine anger, and retaliation will strike. While man has ignored the Universal Spirit and substituted it with the false gods of his own making he is now buried in the quagmire of his folly.

Money is man’s invention for power and control. It is the ruination of the planet because it takes from nature and destroys the environment. Those who gain the most usually cheat and lie to do it. They take without giving back and they abuse their fellow man in the process.

Even they, however, are suffering the lack of enthusiasm they once felt because the rot is gaining momentum from the roots up. The pressure to produce depends on an economy that was put in place by Constantine, the Roman Emperor, who also established the Catholic Church. Rulers after him have upheld his work and supported the false images and dreams he presented.

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:17

Following my reincarnation and with commissions received from the Spirit to remove the wall of confusion and deceit this was shown to me. In large capital letters that stood in the air before my face were the words CONSTANTINE IS 666.

Years of research and teaching followed and everything the Spirit showed me has now come to light. The depth of despair the world is suffering is because of his work and the deceit of those who followed to alter and cement in place the lies. Corruption, confusion, magic, and loss of Spirit is resulting in the final onslaught and the impending disaster of the last days.

Depression hangs over the world as the Spirit promised. The world of 666 is coming to an end and all who supported him in life will be gone, along with his systems and the World Order that stands on his foundation.